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My name is Chrissy McGregor. My husband, Shane and I are parents to our children, partners to each other, friends to many, family to relatives and others we've chosen to have as such, and we are entrepreneurs.

We own 5 fulltime traditional businesses between us, plus multiple spinoffs, and we started our first business over 20 
years ago.

We are busy.

There are parts of our traditional businesses that we enjoy, and parts that are extremely stressful. Over the last few years, especially since beginning our venture with Bliss (our company that started as a line of environmentally friendly cleaning products and became so much more), we have learned to concentrate on not only the day-to-day activities of our businesses, but also on things we can do to better handle the stress that comes along with business ownership.

Or should I say, "We are learning," since it is a forever ongoing process...

We are learning that growth in business (and in life) doesn’t only come from an increase in sales, but also from self care and personal development, and THAT will launch the continuous journey to professional success and personal joy.

We are taking what we are learning through our traditional businesses and we are combing those experiences with lessons we've learned over the years in perseverance, self-reflection, and a yearning desire for "more" to create the life we truly want. Finding our happiness or sourcing our bliss.

#SourceOnesBliss #FindOnesHappiness

We have devoted ourselves to not only growing our companies at their mechanical or procedural levels, but to taking a strong look at why we do what we do.

What do our businesses bring to us? To our coworkers? To our communities?

What are we seeking, that we expect to find in these businesses?

The answers:

Financial and personal abundance. Growth. Contribution. Self-fulfillment.

High expectations for a construction company, an automotive repair shop, a properties company, and a couple of cleaning products companies, etc, huh? Yup.

And we are determined to have it all. And we want to share it all with others.

How? Well, that's where you and Blissful Living come in...

                      Chrissy McGregor
Founder of Source One's Bliss
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