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Too many of us feel like we’re “just surviving” these days. We hit the ground running in the morning and we flop into bed at night, mentally and physically exhausted, questioning how much longer we can keep running this way and whether we made any progress or not on our long “To Do List.” In this Transformation, you will learn how to actually SAVE TIME and take some stress off in the run of your busy day! You will learn to see your progress and accomplishments you might be missing now! You will learn how EASY it actually is to take better care of yourself so you can take better care of those around you. These skills you will learn will remain with you and change your life forever!



We will meet via Zoom to walk through what to expect during the Transformation, including

motivation & support, of course!


You will receive an email each morning with direction to help you complete your 2023 Transformation, and you will have constant support through our Facebook group where we will celebrate how great you feel (along with everyone doing the Transformation with you)!


Each day, you will have a customized meal plan with foods you love (we have over 500 recipes prepared), and a quick, easy workout plan that includes hundreds of helpful videos that can be done in the comfort of your home (with no equipment required).


You will have the opportunity each week to log in for a LIVE call to share your experiences and ask for direction if you need any. This call is also a great way to learn tips and tricks from other participants to ensure you're

successful in the Transformation!


You will receive our 27 page book covering each of our life-changing 7 Simple Daily Habits (which you will learn in this Transformation) as well as our Planner.


Why do we not follow through with some of our goals? Because we don't have the accountability! During this Transformation, we will help you stay on track (on your own daily schedule) to be sure you get the absolute most value out of our time together!


You will receive a free trial for the program we use to take what could be one of your biggest time wasters in your week and check it off your list in minutes!


You will have a 1:1 follow up call if you wish, to chat with Chrissy about what you can do going forward to be sure these new habits will become lifelong rituals!

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Bliss is about creating a community of Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals just like me, who do business and life with their whole hearts.

I’m bringing lessons I've learned along my own journey to the table to share with you all so you don’t have to learn them the hard way.

This challenge and the programs we’re creating are to help you keep going when you run into obstacles. The coaching methods and support we’re putting in place is about helping you grow yourself to no limit.

This has been designed a thousand times in my head AND it has my whole heart.

This is #Bliss.




Jelisa S.

I learned so much from my experience with Bliss. I met amazing people, I learned that we are in charge of our own path and just sitting there wishing and hoping for things without doing anything about it or taking chances gets you nowhere. Once I realized that, things started happening. I got my jeep and my trip to B.C that were on my vision board that I made after one of the trainings. To be honest at the time, I was totally uncertain that any of that would ever happen. LOL. I learned that mindset is everything. If you manifest positivity, your life will be more positive. I surround myself with people who lift me up and don't give any time to those who drag me down. I could go one and on!

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Rebecca D.

100%, this journey is for Chrissy!!! She is so inspiring! I loved working with her! She always makes people feel so good about themselves, that they want to do better! She gives people hope for themselves while watching her successfully grow so many businesses and her beautiful family. Through Bliss, I learned that you can do anything you set your mind to (with the help of good people)!! I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you!!!

Rebecca Dow.jpg

Kay M.

I’m sooooo happy that Chrissy is doing this. I learned and grew so much thanks to working with Bliss in the past! I’ve been missing it so so so much! I’ve felt lately that I need something MORE for myself - to help rewire my mindset again, instead of just faking it until I make it kind of thing, and now more than ever I’ve been noticing a lot of people needing and being open to the idea of mindfulness, changing their mindset and transforming themselves and their own belief system! The last two years have been the same old each and every day / just surviving and not living. I don’t want to be that way not only for myself, but also for my children. Especially for my daughter - I look at her and I want so much more for her than my old beliefs - I want to show her the new way of living - how we lived and learned through Bliss! I want to have that mindset and pass it along to both of my kids, so they can grow and thrive and not ever feel “stuck.” I couldn’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for Chrissy, and for everyone that will encounter Bliss on this adventure! The timing couldn’t be more perfect in my opinion!


Cynthia H.

I have never been comfortable posting publicly but really wanted to say “thank you” to Chrissy. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and I will be forever grateful that her post came across my newsfeed. I am absolutely appalled at how toxic my decades-old morning routine was and how little I was taking care of myself through the day. The time change that happened during the 7 Simple Daily Habits Challenge I participated in actually worked in my favor and I would still waking at the “old” time and that gave me the extra moments needed to adjust. Only halfway through Day 2 and I was blown away with how much clearer I was thinking. Chrissy did an incredible job making this easy to follow and implement. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for the time and effort you have put into this.


Crissy S. T.

After the Launch Night for the 7 Simple Daily Habits Challenge, I thought it was awesome and I couldn’t wait to start! I knew I had too much going on that week to be perfect, but I would do what I could. By Day 1, even without being able to join the Zooms live or follow exactly, I already felt a difference! I even had my husband following along, creating healthier habits with me!


Emma M.

Following the 7 Simple Daily Habits Challenge allowed me to focus on myself, and be aware of what my routine was and see where I needed to make adjustments. It is so easy to follow along, with supportive women cheering you on along the way! I highly recommend trying this challenge to see what structure you can add in your life, to help balance work while also taking time for yourself, and your own personal journey and well being. You won't regret it!

Emma M..jpg

Jayden B.

When they say everything happens for a reason they are not lying. This challenge took place during a very difficult time for my household. We were faced with family emergencies that we did not see coming and typically a situation like this would have put me in a dark place. Having such a great group of women who are all like-minded in the sense that they wanted to better themselves helped so much during this time. Some of the challenges we participated in were the only thing that got me through a few of those days. The 7 Simple Daily Habits helped me get back into a happier and heathier routine. I learned more about myself in just one week than I could have ever imagined. I wish every woman could participate in this challenge.


Jody M.

When I first heard that Chrissy was starting a challenge in November about Blissful Living, I was intrigued. I was eager to learn how she manages her crazy busy life when I felt like I was drowning and not doing nearly as much. This challenge helped me see that the simplest changes make a big difference. By taking care of me, I was better able to take care of everything else. In just a few days, I was able to see things in a different light. What I originally thought was going to add more to my "to do list" was actually saving me time and reducing my anxiety. I'm happy I tried it, I'm grateful for the positive change and I'm excited for the next round!

Jody M.jpg

Hope C.

The 7 simple daily habits challenge for me was a given and I had to be a part of it. Life for me being a new Mom and trying to balance a busy schedule and trying to meet my goals was so overwhelming. I did not have the best habits, I was stressed, and was not taking time for myself. I find the challenge opened up a better lifestyle for me and helped me balance all the things in my life that was stressing me out. Definitely a challenge I would recommend to any women out there struggling in any aspect of life.

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